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Sapphire Creates a Lawn to Live On

Welcome to the home page for America's Favorite, Sapphire St. Augustine!

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Seasonal Maintenance Videos
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Sapphire has been created with the astute homeowner in mind. With soft texture and pleasing blue-green color, Sapphire is an excellent alternative to "standard" St. Augustines prevalent throughout the country. This improved turfgrass is softer, and has lower maintenance needs, than virtually any other St. Augustine available at this time. Sapphire is the only finer bladed, high performance St. Augustine in the world.

Sapphire is durable and easier to maintain. Suitable for warm, demanding climates, Sapphire tolerates salt, shade and drought, making it an excellent choice for coastal regions. Sapphire requires less water and fertilization than most other St. Augustines.

Before choosing new or replacement turfgrass lawn, you should take a look at Sapphire. Soft...fine...durable. Sapphire will provide "a lawn to live on" for many years.

A lawn is a lush layer of plant life that provides green outdoor décor for many structures. It is essential for the proper image of a business or valued home. Have you ever driven up to a building with unattractive landscaping and immediately felt that something was missing? Perhaps you couldn’t put your finger on it, but ugly landscaping makes a building look worse than it really is. We don’t want you to have that unpleasant experience when you walk around the exterior of your own property. Our customers come here to search for quality products that will give them a true lawn to live on. One good option that performs especially well for private homes is the natural landscaping provided by our Sapphire St. Augustine Grass.

Looking for just the right lawn surface and calculating the return on your investment for landscaping a residential or commercial parcel is important. That is why you can rely on the consumer’s proven preference for affordable Sapphire St. Augustine Grass. This variety of grass has been strengthened through a vigorous development process to bring greater enjoyment and lasting performance to people who want affordable landscaping. If you want to make a reasonable investment in landscaping and manage your lawn without too much trouble.

Sapphire St. Augustine Grass is a strong option.

At Sod Solutions, we offer information on how to purchase our Sapphire St. Augustine Turf Grass and Sapphire Sod St Augustine Florida, two products that can accommodate the landscaping demands in many climates around the U.S. Sapphire St. Augustine Grass grows into a rich blue-green that can dress up a fancy or plain landscape, depending on the building owner’s taste. Homeowners especially like this grass for its excellent recovery from injury and strong resistance to disease. It performs well in cold weather, drought conditions, shade, and exposure to sea salt in the air. When you click around the rest of the information here at Lawn to Live On, learn more about product lines of sod, grass, and turf. There is something here to satisfy your array of landscaping needs.

As you familiarize yourself with our site and explore what we can do for you, we hope you take that next step in picking our brains on topics like Where to Buy Sapphire St. Augustine Grass, how to perform Sapphire St Augustine Sod Maintenance, and How to Install Sapphire St Augustine around a commercial or residential structure.

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